My Gift To Survivors…


Tools To Heal Your Life

As a survivor of unspeakable trauma, I struggled for years to overcome the effects of sustained trauma.

Over decades of struggle I found the answers to heal. I now want to share some of my story and what I learned to heal– with you. 

Warning: This website has information about various types of trauma; including sexual abuse,  and contains some graphic stories of abuse and how the victim took back power over their life.  Read at your own risk. There are tools here to help you deal with being triggered emotionally. 

Let’s talk about some of the universal feelings and situations that trauma creates:

Many who have experienced significant trauma don’t know how to deal with it. They get stuck in victim cycles and dis-empowering circumstances where they are victimized over and over again.

Sometimes they feel like the only option is to end their life, or go back to their abusers.

  • You may believe you deserve what happened or that you’re worthless. Perpetrators want you to believe this because it keeps you powerless.

  • You may feel out of control or embarrassed about your life and emotions.

  • You may have lost hope that you can solve your problems and change your life.

  • You might not want to talk about your feelings. When you do talk about them, you can’t  effectively communicate your feelings and wants.

  • You might not know how to stop acting on the negative emotions and impulses you feel.

  • You probably feel terrible about yourself and talk to yourself in your mind the way the perpetrators talked to you.

  • Like many survivors, you may have given up on yourself and feel depressed, worthless, anxious, fearful, trapped and hopeless– as a way of being.

  • You likely have illness and constant pain that is resistant to nearly every treatment!

  • You may have persistent trauma flashbacks that are debilitating and have been resistant to counseling and other talk therapies.

  • Let’s stop this– Now!

What Can We Do?

There is a way out of these feelings. There is hope and healing available to you. I want to share not only encouragement, but some real tools to change the circumstances in your life to create your victory!

  • First of all—Don’t believe the negative labels that others put on you!

  • Believe that your life can change for the better!

  • Be willing to work at healing your life and emotions in a different way than you have ever done before.

You don’t have to stay a victim. If you are reading this you are an official survivor!

Are There Any Benefits To Being A Trauma Survivor?

I recently I made a list of benefits that I gained from the horrors of my life. It is my hope that you can also recognize benefits that you have gained from the painful, traumatic experiences of your life.

In sharing them with you I am being very vulnerable but my objective is to help all of you who have experienced the pain of victimization to heal and resolve your trauma.

 –Phoenix Alexander

I want to show you how to change your thoughts and actions to create a life of fulfillment and happiness — this blog is dedicated to doing just that.

One of the Most Important Tools You Have To Become Safe And Empowered is to Create Layers of Safety.

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You can share your story with me so I can post it. You can offer suggestions. Or you can schedule me to come and speak and present healing tools to your Group. 

Watch this blog for more techniques and tools to help you go From Victim Into Victor 

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