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“Emotional First Aid” with Acupressure

“As the spokesperson, I was chosen to contribute this “gift” because of my extensive research and knowledge in the field of healing trauma. MANY people have used these points to great advantage.”–Phoenix Alexander

See Andrea’s Victory Story.”

These Acupressure Points are THE MOST EFFECTIVE self-help tools I have used to change my emotional state . You can use these everyday to overcome the long-term residual effects of trauma.

See the video showing some of these points here.

I have also helped others use these to stop flashbacks and overcome other negative emotions and get to a calm, zen state.

Acupressure Points for Emotional Balancing/Healing

Lung 1 Location: On chest medial and inferior to coracoids process. Find the end of the collarbone closest to the shoulder. Now drop down and you will feel a bony point protruding under the collarbone. Find it and move one thumb width toward the sternum in the hollow. Indications: Emotions:  Grief, unhealthy attachment to a person or thing, abandonment, depression, use for emotional support, guilt and shame, jealousy and resentment, trauma and PTSD, worry and self-doubt, for internal emptiness and helping to feel your worth.

P8: When the hand is clenched in a fist it’s just under the middle finger, in the center of the palm. Emotional Indications: Calms the mind, relieves mental and physical fatigue, balances psycho-emotional disturbances, releases panic, apprehension and anxiety.

GB14: Above the eyes in the hollow 1 finger up from the eyebrow, in line with the pupil. Emotional Indications:  Clearing the mind, emotional balancing, releasing emotions, panic, anxiety. Increases mental health. Transform negative emotions. Hold this point while you mentally rehearse and unpleasant event or memory until the emotions dissipate. Physical Indications: Headaches, memory recall.  Headaches and eyestrain, face and neck tension, releasing emotional issues while holding GV20 and visualizing the events.

GB20, “Gates of Consciousness”: On each side of the back of the skull just below the bumps in the hollow area. Emotional Indications: Calms anger, heals trauma and resentment, Releases emotional trauma held deep within. Grief, guilt and shame. Helps diminish stress. Helps heal effects of trauma and PTSD. Use for dealing with sexual abuse. Physical Indications:  Stiff neck, fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Insomnia and Nightmares.

ST13, “Chi Door”: Locate the middle of the collarbone, between the 1st and second ribs, in line with the nipple in a hollow. Emotional Indications: Anxiety and depression.

S6, “Jaw Chariot”: Middle of the jaw muscle (Masseter). Find the cheekbone and bottom of the jaw, halfway between them is the point. Emotional Indications: Helps heal childhood emotional trauma, chronic worry.

P6, “Pericardium”: Bend wrist palm toward you to locate horizontal crease of the wrist, it’s two fingers up from crease and between the two arm bones (radius and ulna). Press lightly on pregnant women.  Emotional Indications: Emotional balancing, apprehension, fear and fright, sadness and weeping, anger. Physical Indications: Memory Loss, stroke.

P2: Center of the arm, center of the biceps heads, gradually press into the muscle. Emotional Indications: Palpitations due to fear or anxiety.

P8: When the hand is clenched in a fist it’s just under the middle finger, in the center of the palm. Emotional Indications:  Calms the mind, relieves mental and physical fatigue, balances psycho-emotional disturbances, releases panic, apprehension and anxiety.

H7: Bend wrist palm toward you to locate horizontal crease of the wrist, on the outside of the small bone along the outside edge. Emotional Indications: Anxiety, stage fright, irregular heartbeat.

H9, “Emergency Heart Point”: Inside the pinky finger at the base or beginning of the nail on the inside corner (nearest the ring finger). Emotional Indications: Panic attacks, bi-polar mood swings, sorrow. Physical Indications: Heart attack, palpitations, strong restlessness.

GV20: Up from the top of the ears and in the directly in the center of the skull where soft spot used to be. Emotional Indications: Stress and anxiety, sadness and weeping, worry and self-doubt. Anger, nightmares. Physical Indications: Stroke, memory loss.

GV26, “Center of the Person”: In the grove under the nose, midway between the bottom of the nose and top of the lip. Emotional Indications: Helps relieve PTSD, uncontrollable weeping, clears the brain. Physical Indications: Dizziness, fainting, revives energy.

“Yintang”or “Central Mark”: Between eyebrows in the mid point. In line with the governing vessel but not a point on it. In the Chakra system it is referred to as the 3rd eye. Emotional Indications: Stress and anxiety. It a creates calming, sedating effect on the nervous system, and soothes the mind/body.

LI4 (Not for use on Pregnant women): Between index finger and thumb on fleshy part of muscle just below where the bones intersect. Emotional Indications: Anxiety, stress, Nightmares. Physical Indications: Headaches, eye pain and swelling, jaw pain, good for every type of pain emotional and physical, chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia.

CV6, “Sea of Energy/Qi”: (a.k.a.,Tanden) 3 fingers below the navel. Emotional Indications: Longevity point. Develops vitality. Overcoming nightmares: helps with emotional stability and for increased spiritual awareness; strengthens your understanding of self; addictive behavior, and codependency issues. Good for stress, depression and irritability. Physical Indications: 1. Assists the urinary system, benefits kidneys, and sexual reproductive system; 2.Good for relieving stomachache, abdominal cramping, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, and menstrual cramps. Strengthens immune system. Use for loss of consciousness, stroke.

CV17, “Sea of Tranquility”: On the center of the sternum, in line with the nipples, 4 fingers up from the pointy part at the tip of the sternum (xyphoid process) in a hollow.  Emotional Indications:  Emotional Balancing, grief, sadness, emotional trauma, lifts and balances the emotions.  Good for PTSD, chronic fatigue, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety attacks, trauma, fear, helps heal the heart emotionally. Physical Indications: Recovering from an injury or surgery and Fibromyalgia, heart palpitations and fainting. Helps deepen the breath.

CV24: In the hollow beneath the lower lip. Emotional Indications: Releases emotional pain and trauma, relieves emotional numbness, calms the spirit, balances mental disorders. Physical Indications: Relieves gag reflex in dental procedures. Alleviates pain. Mouth ulcers.

  • A side note here is: If you are working to clear or balance any chronic physical or emotional condition, you will want to hold the acupressure points for longer periods and repeat them more frequently. Start with a few minutes and build up to 5 or ten minutes. Eventually you can work up to 30 minutes per session.

  • This is stimulating your body’s natural healing and wellness responses.  If you are working with emotional issues, it’s best to have your support person close by, whether that’s a mental health professional, or trusted friend.

  • You may have some strong emotional responses as your healing and wellness progress. As you heal, adjustments may need to be made in medications, so it’s vital to keep your healthcare practitioner’s informed of what you’re doing and the responses.


  • Disclaimer:  Use these points at your own risk. As the contributing author, I assume no risk or liability for your use and application of them. I don’t know your health history, or current condition. I recommend using them with the consent of your mental health counselor if you are seeing one when applying them to emotional healing. That being said, I have used acupressure and energetic healing to full advantage in my own healing process. It filled the gap between western medicine’s approach and energetic healing.


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